070707 Marc Morano‘s Round-up

July 6, 2007, 6:48 am News

070707 Marc Morano’s Round-up – 7 July 2007

Scientists Galore & new science debunk alarmism on eve of Gore's Concerts

UN IPCC ‘Consensus’ Exposed! –

New Documents Reveal Major Dissent Among ‘Expert Reviewers’


Thursday, 05 July 2007

Analysis of IPCC expert reviewers responses to 4th assessment WG1 report shows they were far from the claimed unanimity.

Sample of IPCC expert reviewer: "Having read all 11 chapters of the [IPCC] draft Report, I had intended to provide review comments on them all. However, I became so angry at the need to point out the above elementary principles that I abandoned the review at this point: the draft should be withdrawn and replaced by another that displays an adequate level of scientific competence."



Solar scientist David Archibald's paper to Lavoisier Group seminar showing evidence that the world will cool between now and 2030.

Excerpt: What I have shown in this presentation is that carbon dioxide is largely irrelevant to the Earth’s climate. The carbon dioxide that Mankind will put into the atmosphere over the next few hundred years will offset a couple of millennia of post-Holocene Optimum cooling before we plunge into the next ice age. In the near term, the Earth will experience a significant cooling due to a quieter Sun. There are no deleterious consequences of higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are wholly beneficial. Anthropogenic Global Warming is so minuscule that the effect cannot be measured from year to year, and even from generation to generation. Our generation has bathed in the warm glow of a benign, giving Sun, but the next will suffer a Sun that is less giving, and the Earth will be less fruitful.


Dr. David Evans on 'My Life with The AGO and Other Reflections'

When I started the job in 1999, the evidence that carbon emissions caused global warming seemed pretty conclusive. But since then new evidence has weakened the case. I am now skeptical. As Lord Keynes famously said, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"


Paleo Climate Scientist Bob Carter on 'The Myth of Dangerous Human-
Caused Climate Change'

Excerpt: Whether human activities have a measurable global influence on natural climate trends has yet to be demonstrated. And, depending upon the balance of the mechanisms (eg aerosols versus greenhouse gases), the overall human effect could in the end turn out to be one of either warming or cooling (cf IPCC, 2007, Figure SPM-2). That we don’t yet know which is, of course, a reflection of the small size of the human signal and of the fact that it is deeply buried in the noise of the natural climate system. The current human-caused global warming hysteria – promulgated by the media – is especially dangerous because it is causing governments to neglect the much more real (though long-term) dangers of natural climate change. Even worse, it is causing profound damage to the use of science as an impartial arbiter in public affairs.


Senior Meteorologist Peter McGurk, with WSI Corporation, a provider of weather-driven business solutions to such clients as CNN, FOX, NBC, American Airlines, Delta, and FedEX, dismissed fears of  “a global Armageddon in the making.”  After analyzing temperature data for U.S. states, McGurk explained in a June 29, 2007 report: “As far as extreme maxes are concerned, not only is the overall average greater during the first half of the last century, but 2/3 of the monthly averages are also greater during the period 1900-1949. Only for the months of March, June, October and December were they warmer during the period 1950-1999.”  McGurk concluded: “I suspect that if we were truly headed for a Global Meltdown, that this data would vastly different than it is currently. Namely, we would be seeing many more record state maxes occurring more frequently during the recent past that the distant past. Additionally, we should not be seeing more state record extreme mins set during the second half of the past century.”  He added, “For 3 out of the four seasons there were more record maxes during the first half of the last century and more record mins during the second half of the 1900s. From an extreme state monthly record perspective, hardly a global Armageddon in the making.”


Forget global warming: Tornados spawned by mass of cold air

Excerpt: “Forget global warming. Nor is it another indication of climate change. Those frightening and dangerous tornadoes battering the North Island are being spawned by a mass of cold air sitting squarely over the South Island, according to one weather expert.


Al Gore's Live Earth: Has Global Warming Hysteria 'Jumped the Shark'

Excerpt: But there's just one problem with invoking Dylan to hype the global warming scare. And that is that Dylan himself has expressed skepticism -- to the same magazine -- at the notion that global warming is a catastrophe. When he was asked by Rolling Stone founder and publisher Jann Wenner in the magazine's 40th anniversary issue if he worried about global warming, Dylan

replied with an unexpected rejoinder. He asked Wenner, "Where's the global warming? It's freezing here."


Ancient Greenland Was Actually Green

Excerpt: “The oldest ever recovered DNA samples have been collected from under more than a mile of Greenland ice, and their analysis suggests the island was much warmer during the last Ice Age than previously thought.”


Researchers find Earth is smaller than first thought


CNN asks: 'Global warming concerts: A lot of hot air?'

Excerpt: We've all seen them. The "No Blood for Oil" bumper stickers on the Grand Cherokees, "Save the Whales" pasted on the back of an old, smoke-belching '77 Volvo.

So when anti-global warming activists throw eight concerts on six continents this Saturday - the biggest charity concert ever, with 150 big-name acts and an expected audience of 2 billion - is there reason to think the hundreds of thousands of fans driving to stadiums and chugging bottled water by the caseload may actually do more environmental harm than good?


Gore's Prius doing 100 mph called 'most shocking news' of incident


Live Earth puts celebrity lifestyles in eco-spotlight


Greenpeace furious over 'environmentally unfriendly' DaimlerChrysler as sponsor


Unidentified sea creature dubbed 'octosquid' found off coast of Hawaii (photo)


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