120707 Marc Morano‘s Round-up

July 12, 2007, 2:14 am News

120707 Marc Morano’s Round-up – July 12, 2007

Streisand's UK diva demands: 'Ferried around in a limousine accompanied by her entourage in 13 tractor-style trailer trucks'


Scientist charges global warming 'zealots' with stifling scientific debate

Ian Plimer is emeritus professor of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne and professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide.

Excerpt: When the president of the Royal Society says the science on human-induced global warming is settled, one is reminded of a previous president who said it was impossible for heavier-than-air machines to fly! Since the beginning of time, climate has always changed. It has warmed and cooled faster than any contemporary change. Nothing happening at present is unusual.


Another Scientist declares warming 'not of human origin'

Dr. D. Bruce Merrifield is a former Undersecretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs and Professor Emeritus of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in physical organic chemistry and currently is a member of the Visiting Committee for Physical Sciences at the University of Chicago.


Global warming skeptics accused of posing 'greater danger' than Holocaust deniers


Australians debate The Great Global Warming Swindle – Online Forum here Click to participate live


Australian government official wants to hear all sides of climate debate


ABC News asks post Live Earth: Will Going Green Lose Some Gusto?


JunkScience.com fires back at Solar study:

You have to admire their tenacity, if nothing else. If they want to talk about "half-baked notions" and "somehow caus[ing] an indirect forcing not included in measurements" then why go past their perennial favorite? The whole CO2-driven enhanced greenhouse hypothesis perches precariously on a yet to be observed positive feedback of massive water vapor greenhouse effect being triggered by the insignificant possible carbon dioxide greenhouse effect. Even the most dedicated AGW promoters admit that greenhouse effect from increasing trace GHGs is logarithmic and that roughly three-fourths of the effect of doubling atmospheric CO2 has already occurred and that even if all estimated warming since the Industrial Revolution has been due to enhanced greenhouse (absurd, but never mind) then net warming is something less than three-fourths of one kelvin. This is why aerosol cooling is proposed as masking otherwise expected warming (despite no such observation being made nor experimental evidence that this is even possible in the real world). So, the warmers' position is that unobserved water vapor greenhouse enhancement is occurring and that unobserved aerosol cooling is hiding it in the atmosphere (or alternately the oceans are storing it to spring upon us in some sudden, malevolent surprise). From this position they claim experimentally demonstrated solar/GCR/cloud enhancement mechanisms are "half-baked".


Climate concerns may soon outlaw sports cars in Europe


Update: Scientists discover giving garlic to cows cuts their global warming emissions by half


Bottled water industry declares plastic bottles do not cause global warming


The Unbelievable Day (Hundred Year Snow Event for Argentina)


Rod Stewart appalled by Live Earth's bad language: 'It just sounded so cheap'




Global warming advocates rely more on faith than fact, says David Morris

Excerpt: “Make no mistake - environmentalists approach the topic of anthropogenic global warming with a religious fervor. It is taken as gospel truth that mankind has sinned against the Earth and that we must expiate our sins through implementing renewable energy and punishing big bad corporations for their rapine and villainy. They have even resorted to ridiculous personal attacks, comparing skeptics of anthropogenic global warming to Holocaust deniers.”


Canadians should root for global warming

Excerpt: All this global warming and reduced ice pack means a commercially viable, Northwest Passage is becoming more feasible and who actually owns it more disputed.


WARMING: That dog don't hunt

Excerpt: After failing miserably to convince the public that mankind's emissions are driving climate change, environmentalists, progressive politicians and journalists adopted a new strategy: Simply declare victory and unilaterally cut off debate.


The Real Danger of Global Warming Policy


Australian government official wants to hear all sides of climate debate


ABC’s John Stossel Responds to R.F. Kennedy Jr.'s Attacks, Lists False Scares Environmentalists Pushed

Excerpt: Stossel: “It's possible that the killer bees were going to come up and sting us all to death, and that Y2K was going to crash all the planes, and that the pesticides that his organization is so upset about were causing the cancer epidemic, and the frog testicles were shrinking, were going to make us all sterile. The scares from the environmental groups have just come one after the other. None has been true.”


Ottawa provides $25M for Arctic climate study

Excerpt: Their research over the next 15 months comes with a hefty price tag – it will cost an estimated $40,000 a day just to operate the Amundsen. At Wednesday's official launch, Treasury Board president Vic Toews announced the federal government will kick in $25.5 million.


U.S. GOP Rep. Sensenbrenner dismisses global warming committee as stunt (Ranking member of the new Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming)

Excerpt: "The apocalypse is not around the corner," Sensenbrenner said of the debate over global warming. "There is a lot of hyperbole and extremism that has (become) a part of this debate, led, unfortunately, by former Vice President Al Gore."


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s eco-profiteering


More on RFK, Jr.


ABC Bashes Bottled Water Companies, Ignores the One RFK Jr. Owns


Alaskan glaciers advance up to one-third of a mile in less than a year


The main glaciers in Icy Bay crept forward up to one-third of a mile sometime between August 2006 and June 2007.
"At least three glaciers in the same bay have advanced in one year," said Chris Larsen, a scientist at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, studying the ever-changing landscape of the area.


Climate Expert Questions Gore's Global Warming Campaign

Excerpt: "Yes, we have seen some global warming. I think it is primarily natural due to the global ocean circulation features," he added.

Gray says the current warming trend is part of a natural cycle and that the world may soon enter a cooling phase.


Climate change to bring parasites

Excerpt: A Queensland professor says the farm sector needs to be ready for increasing numbers of parasites as a result of climate change.


Indigenous women say violence, colonialism, climate change all linked


Fossilized midges provide clues to future climate change

Excerpt: Fossilized midges have helped scientists at the University of Liverpool identify two episodes of abrupt climate change that suggest the UK climate is not as stable as previously thought.


Pet owners with 'emotional attachment to their dog's testicles' will soon have non-surgical birth control option


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