Posted 2 March 2015

Drs [Kesten Green]( and [Scott Armstrong]( are forecasting experts who have [audited the forecasting methods used by the IPCC](  found them wanting, and produced their own [evidence-based long term forecast of global average temperatures]( Their forecast of no-trend in temperatures is currently the only scientific forecast of climate. 
Their conclusions? Environmentalist alarms have never been based on scientific forecasting. Not surprisingly, then, the alarmist forecasts have always been wrong. Nevertheless, governments are in most cases persuaded to implement expensive policies, which almost always prove to be harmful. Green and Armstrong predict that, like the analogous situations, the dangerous manmade global warming political movement will eventually fade from public attention in the face of failed forecasts and mounting costs. Many people will be left with vague impression that it was a true alarm that the government saved them from. The alarmists are unlikely to ever be held to account for the harm they caused by their unscientific advocacy.

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