Posted 23 March 2015

An interesting, if surprising (but all the more welcome for that) breakthrough has just been achieved in New Zealand by NZ Climate Science Coalition member, Bryan Leyland, assisted by fellow member Professor Bob Carter. Hitherto, the Science Media Centre (SMC), sponsored by the Royal Society of New Zealand, has been wedded to the global warming alarmist propaganda. Recently, its blog-site, Sciblogs, posted a rather hysterical response by a prominent alarmist Gareth Renownden, of Hot Topic, to an article, "Hypothetical global warming: scepticism needed" in Wellington's DominionPost newspaper (here). In a welcome turnaround that bodes well for better debate on climate issues in NZ, the SMC agreed to publish in full on Sciblogs a rebuttal of the Rneownden diatribe.

 Sciblogs rebuttal here 

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