Climate scares by US and UK politicians are based on a desire to control world energy, says Piers Corbyn, of Weather Action Long Range Forecasers based in London. More recently, using solar cycle records, Piers has forecast storms for UK and parts of Europe more severe than the damaging events of 1987.

Weather Action warns 'Climate scares from Hilary Benn MP and Condaleeza Rice are not based on science but on desire to control world energy'

"There is no scientific data evidence that Carbon Dioxide has been the
driver of world temperatures or climate over the last 1000, 10,000 or
100,000 years, and I challenge those politicians - such as Hilary Benn and
Condoleeza Rice - who act as if that is the case, to produce the evidence"
said Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and climate scientist of Weather Action
Long Range Forecasters, recently.

Mr Corbyn, whose Weather Action long range forecasts for the British Isles
rain and floods through the summer, the cold later part of September and new
trial forecasts for West North Pacific Typhoons and Atlantic/Gulf/Carrib
Tropical storms have all been 'astoundingly well confirmed' said it was
tragic to hear Hilary Benn MP at the Labour conference blindly
repeating known falsities of Al Gore's movie ('An Inconvenient Truth).
Hilary Benn said 'Al Gore has taught us 'we have to examine the truth
however inconvenient'.  "However the real truth is that Al Gore's film made
false claims such as that CO2 drives world temperatures and climate when
close examination of data shows it does not - and indeed the situation is
often the other way around", said Piers.

"Where does Hilary Benn get advice? Cannot he think for himself? Is this
what Gordon Brown means by a sound and honest 'no-spin' approach to issues?

"Climate has always been changing and it is not driven by CO2. There is
nothing special happening now that hasn't happened before. The best way to
tackle weather and climate events is to first forecast them a long time
ahead - and this we can now do using solar activity, whereas the theories of
CO2 driven weather and climate can forecast nothing.

"The global warming and climate crisis industry is not science fact but
science fiction and the 'actions' they propose will not change weather
events or climate one jot. It is a self-serving political operation boosted
by Western powers and interests in an attempt to further control world
energy supply. I support the electrification of Africa, not the holding back
the developing world. There are many pollutants which must be tackled but
CO2 is not a pollutant", said Piers.

Weather Action long range summer forecasts - based on solar-magnetic
activity - for floods in the Britain have been confirmed in a 10/11 success
rate of forecasted 'Flooding very likely' time windows (one period, 5-9th,
gave floods - and mudslides - in Scotland rather than England as well) .

Commenting on the Plane Stupid actions at Heathrow in August   Piers Corbyn
said: "The misinformation put out by this group is beyond belief. However,
let us be clear they are products of the hysterical 'climate crisis'
misinformation pouring out of  media, especially state run-media, in Britain
and around the world. They would do well to actually read the IPCC report
they keep talking about. It is very circumspect about evidence for climate
changes induced by supposed extra warming and specifically says ‘There is
insufficient evidence to determine whether trends exist ..(in)..phenomena
such as tornadoes, hail, lighting ...’ (see letter to Gordon Brown
available on request – see below).

Piers continued: "Since global warming has not been taking place for the
last 5 years it makes no sense to blame it for recent events like the
British floods which themselves were the opposite of the warm or hot summer
forecast by the Met Office using global warming theory. It is to the lasting
shame of the 51 (note 51 not 2,500) advisors named on the front of the IPCC
Summary for Policy makers that they do nothing to stop the misinformation
being trumpeted around in their name. Or was it their intention that their
report would be so misused?"

 The role of CO2
"There is no evidence that CO2 changes have ever driven world temperature or
climate change and new advances show that other factors negate its effect"
said Piers.

"If weather extremes are driven or enhanced by CO2 now,  we must
ask  what caused all those other floods in history? 1875 was a worse year
than so far for floods. In that year the River  Trent reached its highest
recorded level and unprecedentedly flooded twice. The Thames also flooded at
Windsor and there were above average monsoon rains. 1875 was 6 magnetic
cycles of the Sun ago and about 7 main long lunar cycles so these events
coming back now is not a surprise and nothing to do with CO2. Then as now
there were particular solar activity driven shifts in the jet-stream  which
led to various weather changes in Britain, Europe and Asia .  There is
nothing new happening now except media hype and unprecedentedly increased
rain run-off rates due to irresponsible land management which has reduced
the water holding capacity of uplands in England, Wales, India, Bangladesh, Korea and China. Those land mismanagement policies are what needs tackling
not the CO2 bogey."

Weather Action's long Range forecasts are 90% confident and  have been
correct through the summer while the Met Office long range forecast for a
warm or very summer which could possibly reach 100F and 'no indications of
(a) particularly wet summer' have spectacularly failed (see letter to Gordon
Brown for links).

Floods in history.
The history of the rivers of England is a history of flooding and Terry
Scholey of Nottingham recently phoned me the flood levels recorded on Trent
Bridge. The largest was in 1875 and that was also the only year when two
floods are recorded (July and October). There were also floods at Windsor on
the Lower Thames that year. In announcing aspects of our August forecast
when speaking at the Imperial College Union President 's centenary dinner on
27 July - where there was great interest in the subject - I drew to
people's attention that 1875 is 132 years ago which is 6x22 and also just
one less than 7x19. This means that now we are in a very similar combined
Hale (solar magnetic, 22yr) cycle and lunar (eg eclipse timing) modulation
(19yr) cycle as then, so all these floods this year come as no surprise.
[NB. The connections are not clockwork so although this fact indicates
general similarities the details are  much more complicated ]

It's the sun what does it !
We have had a number of enquiries about recent claims in the media that 'it
has been proved' that solar activity is not important in causing climate
change and global warming'.  Users of our forecasts are amused because
Weather Action uses predictable aspects of solar particle activity to
predict the weather whereas CO2 based theories can predict nothing.  Some of
these arguments are dealt with in the letter to Gordon Brown (available) but
further information is available (eg re the above claim made by Professor
Lockwood ) -Email for copies (

Full 44 slides as produced for Institute Of Physics Climate Change seminar
7 June also available on request .

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