Posted 6 December 2009 (Updated 28 Dec)

"The tip of the iceberg" - *Washington Times: LINK

  • Biased reporting by Associated Press -  Washington Times LINK

    'Big OIl' funding links with CRU - UK Telegraph:  LINK

    Tip of an iceberg - Patrick Michaels in Wall Street Journal: LINK

    UK Met Office "manipulated figures" say Russians  - UK Daily Mail LINK

    US lawyers move in: "scientists are toast" - UK Telegraph: LINK

    Russian admission deepens Climategate scandal -  UK Daily Mail LINK

    NZ viewpoint: Chris de Freitas in *National Business Review  - *LINK to download pdf

    'Air goes out of global warming balloon" - Weekly Standard, UK  - LINK

    Climategate - 31.6 million Google hits to 6 Dec - and still rising. Read Will Alexander's comments.   LINK to download pdf 

    "What if Climategate was Cancergate?"  - Dr Roy Spencer.  LINK

    "Is tide finally turning in mainstream media?"  - Washington Post   - LINK

    Copenhagen: "1200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges" - UK Telegraph  LINK

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