Posted 18 March 2015

A few days ago, Wellington's DominionPost  published an article by New Zealand Cimate Science Coalition member Bryan Leyland questioning various claims about dangerous global warming (unfortunately the DomPost chose not to post the Leyland article on-line). What they did post, as well as print, was a response by three Wellington scientists, Drs Wratt, Reisinger and Renwick (WRR), all of whom have been involved in past reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Now, that response by WRR has been analysed in detail by Leyland and a NZCSC colleague, Professor Bob Carter FRSNZ, in a lengthy point-by-point document linked below.

Readers are recommended to first get an easy-to-digest overview from the summary published by Scoop here 

Download full pdf file [here ](z.leyland & carter - paper c (wrr appendix).pdf .pdf)

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