Posted 14 February 2012

This post links to a 38 page paper by Andrew Montford, "Nullius in Verba - The Royal Society and Climate Change".  As Professor Richard Lindzen says in his foreword: "Andrew Montford provides a straightforward and unembellished chronologyof the perversion not only of The Royal Society but of science itself, wherein the legitimate role of science as a powerful mode of inquiry is replaced by the pretence of science to a position of political authority."

Montford concludes his paper with this:  "Each year that temperatures refuse to rise in line with the nightmare scenarios trumpeted by one president after another, the risk grows that the Society becomes a laughing stock. If government money is a drug of which the Society cannot or will not rid itself, its leadership could at least remind itself of those words of Lord Adrian over 50 years ago: “It is neither necessary nor desirable for the Society to give an official ruling on scientific issues, for these are settled far more conclusively in the laboratory than in the committee room.”

To download pdf file, link here 

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