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Punishing the People

NZ CLIMATE & ENVIROTRUTH NO 174 Dr Vincent Gray  31 MAY 2008
PUNISHING THE PEOPLE The environmental movement was launched in the 1960s and 1970s with the slogan that   humans were destroying a mythical region called "The Environment", and humans had to be punished to "Save the Environment". The necessary punishment zones were laid out by a series of books published in these years , such as "Silent Spring". "The Population Bomb" and "Limits to Growth". The objectives were to prevent world economic growth, to reduce the population and to increase the cost of food, oil, and electricity. These objectives have been achieved to a remarkable degree, and environmentalists all over the world are currently rubbing their hands at their success, and preparing for further drastic punishment. "Silent Spring", by demonizing chemical pesticides, succeeded in stopping the decline in malaria and causing millions of deaths,  by banning the use of DDT to kill mosquitoes. They made a beginning in increasing the price of food by inventing "organic" agriculture where the only permitted pesticides were the toxic chemicals based on copper and arsenic, increasing the risk of fungal contamination and requiring more expensive labour. Further attacks on agriculture were the prevention of development of cheaper or better crops by banning genetic engineering, sometimes by terrorist attacks on scientific work, and prevention  of use of possible agricultural land by "saving the rain forests" and claiming priority for every organism except humans. They destroyed agriculture in many underdeveloped countries by a cunning trick. They used excess food produced by subsidising inefficient agriculture elsewhere  to kill local crops by dumping the surplus free. They then encouraged the high birth rate which had originally developed to make up for high infant death, by discouraging birth control and concentrating "Aid" on increasing survival, thus ensuring future starvation. Recently, they have found a way of stopping the free food and converting it into biofuels, so that starvation can be accelerated.   Energy has been reduced by inventing the myth of global warming, based on computer models using the theory that the earth is flat, with constant temperature and sunshine (even at night) and a "balance" of radiation. Atmospheric carbon dioxide, the source of all of our food, is now a "pollutant". This theory has stopped the main supply of energy, coal. and has imposed "emission" reductions aimed particularly at those countries that were undeveloped in 1990. Effective alternatives such as nuclear power have been banned. Worldwide attempts to stop new industrial developments have placed intolerable and expensive restrictions on all innovation, and particularly on prospecting and mineral development. This has led oil companies to decide that they can make more money out of scarcity than trying to get permission for new prospecting or refining plant. "Resource Management" Acts have prevented or delayed maintenance and infrastructure building everywhere. The United  Nations Organisation, which was originally set up to stop military conflict, has been taken over to enforce environmental punishment regimes. As a result military conflict has increased and so helps reduce the population. In order to discourage opposition to these programmes, people are being encouraged to become addicted to drugs. Phamaceutical companies are forever developing new addict-forming drugs to cure mythical "diseases" such as "Depression", "Stress" and "Attention Deficit Disorder". Methamphetamine and "party pills" have been very profitable. The main success of the war in Afghanistan is the restoration of the world supply of heroin. The world media are preoccupied with environmental disasters, "saving" whales, dolphins. butterflies and snails instead of humans, and crime and sporting events instead of human progress. Is there anybody left who wants to put a stop to all this madness?

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