1. Formation. National Business Review
    2 You Live and Learn. Adventures of Lomborg. Is Sea Level Rising. Australian Weather Stations.
  2. World temperature Records. Climate Sceince and Policy.
  3. Popper’s Law. The Antarctic.
  4. Pete Hodgson’s “Consultation”.Access to Energy. Enron and Kyoto. Stark Raving Mad(methane)
    6 Tuvalu Revisited. Alistair Cook. Josh Billings
  5. Philip Stott No Threat to Long Island.
    8 Coral. Conclusions. NZ Government Obstinacy.
  6. Robert Mann. Methane. Government Policy. IPCC Doubletalk
  7. NZ Government Policy Package
    11 Ocean Heat. Polar Bears
    12 Climate Cycles. The Sun
    13 What the Scientists say
    14 Keeping Up with the Literature
    15Antarctica. Corngate
    16 Carbon Dioxide Emissions
    16B Kyoto Protocol
    17 Eco-Logic. Darwin Denied
    18 Launch of “Greenhouse Delusion”; A Critique of ‘Climate Change 2001”
    19 What Goes up Must Come Down
    20 Membership Revision; Book Launch December 11th
    21 Seasons Greetings; Forecasting the Future

22 Start the New Year; The Greenhouse Delusion; Bill Kinimonth; Improving the Forecasts
23 Measuring Global Temperature Anomalies ;Forecasting the Past
24 Hitting the Headlines; Hot Potato (“The Economist”)
25 Vehicle Emissions;
26 Falling CO2 Emissions; Is it Warming after all?;Taken by Storm
27  Millennial Climate; Earth’s Greenhouse
28 Dr R K Pachauri; Is there a Case?
29 Dr Christy; Fudging the Figures Access to the Literature
Global Warming and Cooling News No 7 Gerrit van den Lingen; Energy in New Zealand Wind Power; Environmental footprint; Kyoto Protocol; Cooling Spoiling Kyoto; The Great awakening
30 Chris De Freitas; The Fog Days
31 Unprecedented Heat; Urban Heat Islands;
32 Numbers Website.  ITMA; The Greenhouse Delusion
33 Carbon Dioxide Emissions. World Climate Conference, Moscow Visit of Bjorn Lomborg
34  Consensus; The Fourth IPCC Assessment Reports
35  Lies, Damn Lies, and Correlation
36  Kyoto Uncertainty ; Bashing the Hockey Stick Coal Makes a Comeback
37  Seasons Greetings; COP9 in Milan

38  Massive Extinctions;
39  Does “Global Warming” exist?;
39A  Corrections;
40  John L Daly
41 James Hansen;
42 Misprints; Regional Warming
43 Professor Richard Lindzen;
44 Water Vapour; National Party Lukewarm on Kyoto; Global Warming Revisited
45 The Hockey stick
46 I Told You So!;
Global Warming and Cooling News No 5  by Gerrit Van den Lingen. Globale Warming Anonymous;
47 Numbers; Global Warming; Model Answers When is Global Warming Really a Cooloing?
48  Douglas V Hoyt ;l A Critical Examination of Climate Change
49  “Global Warming” for Real; Russian Data
50 Certainty and Uncertainty
51 Sustainability
52 BP Energy Wind Power
53 Collapse of “Global Warming”
54 Proof Positive
55 Swallows and Summer
56 The Arctic Yet Again
57 Urban Heating
58 Degreenhousing the Atmosphere
59 Scare Me to Death

60 Senator Inhofe
61 State of Fea. Chris Landsea Speaks Out
62 Scare Us Some More
63 The Hockey Stick
64 The Kyoto Treaty “Proof “ of Global  Warming.  Human Fingerprint
65 Stakeholders Meeting
66 The New Scientist Hydro’s Dirty Secret
Global Warming and Cooling News No 11 from Gerrit van den Lingen
A new Cold War. China ansd Energy Resources
Global Warming and Cooling News No 13 by Gerrit Van den Lingen
Kyoto and Cop 10 Upping the Ante The Hockey Stick
67 What Global Warming?
68  Feedback
69 Global Warming; What a Load of Poppycock
70 Climate Catastrophe Cancelled
71 The Carbon Tax No Publication for sceptics
72 The Triumph of Salvationism David Henderson
73 An Upturn for Methane
74 The IPCC
75 The Elusive Surface Air Temperature
76 Environmental Religion
77 “Unanimity” of Science
78 Arctic Meltdown Benny Peiser
79 Testimony of Michael Crichton before US Senate
80 The IPCC Fourth Report Lord Lawson
81 The End of the Beginning
82 Challenging the IPCC Monopoly
83 The Hottest Year?
84 Scary Passion; The Weathermakers by Tim Flannery
Global Warming and Cooling News No 12 by Gerrit Van Den Lingen
National Geographic  “Could” “May” and ”Might”
Global Warming and Cooling News No 14
The Hockey Stick
85 Rubbishing Hydrogen
86 Downfall of the Greenhouse Effect
87 The New Ice Age
88 Evidence does not Matter
89 The Hottest Year, yet again

90 Compare These Pictures
91 Compare these Pictures part 2
92 Beijing Climate Center. Split Amongst Global Warmers
Human –produced aerosols
93 New Zealand Geologist speaks out
94 A Climate Sceptic in Beijing
95 The Framework Convention on Climate Change
96 The Greenhouse Delusion
97  The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
98  The Death Throes of the IPCC
99 Kevin Trenberth and El Niño
100 Temperature Trends in the Lower Atmosphere
101 What Everybody knows El Niño Carbon Dioxide
102  New Zealand Temperatures
103 Snow Job on Tuvalu
104 Linear Agression
105 NIWA feels the heat
106 Urban Heat Islands
107 Corrected Surface Temperatures
108 Natural Climate Variability
109 Back Again
110 Arctic Oscillations
111 Its on the Way down
112 Publish and be Encouraged
113 Metadata. Donald Rumsfeld
114 Radiosonde Update
115 The Stern Report
116 Carbon Dioxide, the Staff of Life
117  Creative Guesswork. “Settled” Science
118 Supping with the Devil
119 Aerosols and Climate
120  The Mean Global Surface Temperature Record

121 El Niño –Southern Oscillation
122 It’s going to get colder
123  The Sun, Cosmic rays and Climate
124  New Report Says Global Warming is Negligible, Short-lived, and Now Ended
125 Forecasting
126  NZClimate and EnviroTruth Index
127 Mean Daily Temperature
128  Validation
129 The God Delusion
130  Unacceptable Data Pt 1. Greenhouse Gases
131  Unacceptable Data Pt 2. Temperature

  1. BBC Questionnaire
    133  Spinning the Climate
    134 The Great Global Warming Swindle
    135 The Great Carbon Dioxide  Swindle
    136 The Time of Measurement Bias
    137 Premature Science
    138 The Peer Review Mafia
    139 Vienna Meeting
    140 The Enviros will Get You
    141 Tuvalu Cannot be Made to Sink
    142 The Enviros will Get You  (repeat)
    143 My published Paper “Summary for Policymakers”
    144 The MSU
    145 “Climate Change 2007,The Physical Science Basis”
    146 Cyclic climate behaviour
    147 NZClimate and EnviroTruth; Augie Auer
    148 Massaging the Models
    149 Hurricanes and Ocean Heat
    150 Alice Lives
    151 The IPCC comes clean
    152 Predicting the Climate
    153 Response to David Lillis
    154 Faking the Figures
    155 Non Linear Equations
    156 Climate oscillations
    157 Scientific Fraud:
    158 Unsound Science by the IPCC
    159 The Pacific Decadal Oscillation
    160 A climate Sceptic in Bali
    161 The New State a d World Religion; Environmentalism

162 The Flat Earth Society
163 A Devastating Correlation
164 A Devastating Absence of Correlation
165 Water Vapour
166 Gravity Prevails
167 The Manhattan Declaration
168 The Politbureau
169 The Environmentalist Creed
170 Forecasting the Future
171 The Global Scam
172 Clobbering NZ Farmers
173 Carbon Dioxide follows temperature
174 Punishing the People
175 The Great Global Warming Swindle
176 The Triumph of Environmentalism
177 Validation, Evaluation and Exaggeration
178 Sea Levl Change is Meteorologically Driven
179 Comments on RSNZ Climate Stement
180 Christopher Monckton
181 Another Snow Job on Tuvalu
182 Rodney Hide
183 Chaos
184 Richard Lindzen
185 Fakng the Figures
186 Ocean/Atmosphere Oscillation
187 Probability and Uncertainty
188 Trashing the Farmers
189 Temperature
190 Methane going up!!
191 No Warming since 1995
192 Correcting the Figures
193 The Earth’s “Balanced” Energy
194 The Carbon 13 Ratio
195 Ocean Acidification

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