Posted 3 July

Countering at attack posted in the Delaware Online News  against a challenge to the recent encyclical of Pope Francis, Catholic layman and climate commentator, Viscount Christopher Monckton has popsyed his own comments:  "The encyclical says a strong consensus finds recent warming mostly manmade. Yet only 0.3% of 11,944 climate papers published from 1991-2100 were even willing to to go so far as to declare recent warming mostly manmade. It says the 'consensus' reports significant warming. Yet in 1990 the 'consensus' - all 0.3% of them - predicted a central estimate of warming two and a half times what has happened in the 25 years since then. The ocean, monitored reliably for only 11 years, is warming only at 1 degree in 430 years."

Download pdf of full statement [here ](monckton. infallible.pdf)

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