Posted 26 April 2016

A  new book by one of our Coalition foundation member scientists, Dr Gerrit van der Lingen, has been reviewed by the distinguished Dutch scientist, Dr Hans Labohm, who writes: "All in all, 'The Fable of a Stable Climate' shows a wide and solid knowledge of the subject. Moreover, Gerrit van der LIngen has the talent to clearly explain the complicated problems, whch makes his writings very accessible for a broad public. In other words: his book reads like a riveting novel. The book has 418 pages and many illustrations and graphs, as well as extensive reference lists. The book, both paperback and KIndle, can be ordered here:

Dr Labohm concludes: "In my opinion, this book is mandatory reading for climatophiles of all denominations." 

Read flyer of book [here](fable of a stable climate flyer.pdf)

Read review  here

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