Posted 3 May 2013

"Anyone who has met Roy Spencer knows him to be a careful, thoughtful, unpolemical scientist of formidable skill and knowledge. With John Christy he presents the monthly real-world data from the microwave sounding unit satellites that provide the least inaccurate global temperature record we have. The satellites reveal the inconvenient truth that there has been no global warming for approaching two decades. However, John Cook, the cartoonist turned warming fanatic who runs the misleadingly-named Skeptical Science website, has just posted a piece by his still more fanatical sidekick, Dana Nuccitelli, attacking Roy Spencer’s recent verbatim interview with the Catholic Online website.," writes Lord Minckton in a resounbding rebuttal on the website Watts Up With That (and click also on the link to Catholic Online). 

Read it here

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