Posted 15 February 2012

Professor W J R (Will) Alexander's thoughts on the Montford paper on the Royal Society: "After sending off Memo 03/12 on the unverified hypothesis issue I downloaded Andrew Montford's report The Royal Society on climate change [elsewhere on this site]. It was very disturbing. An important issue that is missing from the report is what motivated these leaders to descend to these uncivilised tactics. There must have been a reason. Whatever the reason, the consequences are that the image of the once esteemed Royal Society has suffered a severe blow. I wonder if the society ever considered the consequences that their own unfounded recommendations would have on the less affluent nations of the world, particularly those in Africa. I strongly recommend that you read the report within the context of the attached Memo 04/12. 

Download pdf of Prof Alexander's Memo 04/12 [here ](memo 04.12 the truth.pdf)

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