Posted 12 October 2011

This latest memo by South African Professor Will Alexander summarises the whole climate change issue ahead of COP17 to be held in Durban. He is severely critical of the activities of the Western nations in this field.  He writes: "This is because of the very serious economic and sociological consequences if they succeed in persuading the less affluent nations of the world to follow their example. My colleagues and I have often wondered why climate change sdcientists have not followed the obvious scientific requirement of examining the wealth of recorded hydro-climatological data to substantiate their theories. There can only be one reason. It does not exist. This then raises the possibility of conspiracy theories for which we have no evidence."

Download pdf [here ](memo 12.11 mission impossible.pdf)

Follow-up comment by Prof Alexander: download [here ](memo 13.11 cop17 procedures.pdf)

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