Posted 25 November 2013

Anyone interested in topics such as: (a), costs of mitigation v adaptation; (b), how climate change has affected other creatures; or (c)  the fallacy of so-called "acidifcatioon" of the oceans, will enjoy reading the responses of Viscount Christopher Monckton to a Professor Bada, as well as Monckton's final summary: "Thirdly, as I have shown, there is no economic case for action even if everything I have said about the science is incorrect and everything the IPCC says about the science is correct. I do understand that – for some reason – the Party Line among the hard Left in academe is that we must shut down the West for the sake of Saving The Planet. Well, The Planet was triumphantly Saved 2000 years ago and, on the scientific and economic evidence, it does not need to be Saved again." (Thanks to Jo Nova).

Read it here:

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