Posted 19 October 2016

In the annual address to UK's Global Warming Policy Foundation, Viscount Matt Ridley said that sceptics are winning the climate argument: "When Nigel Lawson set up GWPF in 2009, virtually everybody agreed that global warming was the greatest threat to humankind in the twenty-first century. Now almost nobody except those with a vested interest thinks that. The proportion of Americans who are not worried at all about global warming has doubled since 1990. [Gallup poll, 1989-2015] The presidential candidates are not talking about climate change because voters consider other issues more pressing. In one recent poll of Americans, just 3% said they think climate is the most important issue.

Most devastating of all, to those who have spent a fortune on propaganda, in a huge United Nations online poll of people all around the world, called My World, to which almost ten million people have now responded, action on climate change comes dead last, 16th, and by some margin – well behind the 15th priority, which is phone and internet access. The sceptics, with their shoestring budgets, with zero public money, under constant assault, are winning the argument."

Read full address here 

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