Posted 1 October 2012

This paper offers a short course explaining why the billions of taxpayer's dollars have been wasted -- as spending has escalated on international conferences, funding greenhouse gas emission reduction schemes, subsidizing carbon sequestration experiments, and funding research that is based on the erroneous assumption of correctness regarding the IPCC's 'human caused climate change' hypothesis.  Evidence like this, concerning the insignificance of CO2, CH4 and N2O as drivers of the global climate, has been available for years, but it has apparently been ignored, unread, or dismissed as politically incorrect by the civil servant scientists and policy advisors who we pay to help us understand complex environmental issues. This evidence shows that taxpayer's money is being misspent to address the 'trumped-up' non problem of natural climate change, and that this issue has been distracting governments from devoting their energies toward dealing with environmental issues like urban congestion, agricultural soil degradation,
decreased forest biodiversity, ocean fisheries depletion, looming geological energy scarcity etc --- all of which we humans can influence. Natural climate change is not one of the issues that is amenable to being influenced by us. 

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