Posted 5 May 2015

"The life of a climate sceptic (climate heretic) is not plain sailing. Daily he is being confronted by the media and Internet with news and articles that could be a danger to his blood pressure. The number of scare stories has increased enormously, to exert pressure on the UN climate conference in Paris in December. Most stories have nothing to do with science. They are manifestations of anti-science, anti-capitalism, anti-democracy, anti-growth, anti-humanity, anti-progress ideology. An ideology that prefers a return to the 'good old days' of the Stone Age." From a translation of article originally in Dutch, in De Dagelijkse Standaard by New Zealand resident geologist and paleoclimatologist, Dr Gerrit van der Lingen.

Download pdf file [here  ](leven zonder fossiele brandstoffen - translation into engl-2.pdf)

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