U.S. commentator, H. Sterling Burnett posts at WattsUpWith That: "As respect for journalists and their trustworthiness declines, mainstream media outlets, both print and television, are losing readers, subscribers, and viewers. By any measure, journalists aren’t trusted. In public opinion polls, the only professions consistently falling below journalists on their trustworthiness or ethical standards are politicians and used-car salespeople. This doesn’t surprise me. For more than 20 years I’ve watched supposedly respected media outlets, with investigative journalists on staff, fail to accurately portray the debate surrounding claims human fossil fuel use is causing catastrophic climate change."


Robert Lyman is an economist with 35 years’ experience as an analyst, policy advisor and manager in the Canadian federal government, primarily in the areas of energy, transportation and environmental policy. In this paper, titled "Transition to Reality" for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, he explains why prospects for rapid decarbonisation face 'perhaps insurmountable obstacles'.


World leaders who met recently at Davos have been told that they mislead people about alleged dangers of 'climate change' when they permit the circulation of unproven predictions based on computer models. The advice came from Dr Guus Berkhout, president of the 820-member World Climate Inteligence (CLINTEL).

Download letter to Davos leaders pdf

Here's the link to Dr Berkhout's full essay (38 pages: needs a little time to download):

Download pdf of essay.pdf

In a blistering letter to the Chief Science Adviser to the New Zealander Prime Minister, a leading fraud investigator, John Rofe, has accused the PM and her Minister for Climate Change of fraud in what they have been telling New Zealanders about climate change and its causes.



Satellite record.pdf

Former Canadian Provincial Minister James Matkin, in this 148-page paper, begins by describing claims of a 97% "consensus" in favour of climate alarmism as "Bunk. There is no such consensus. In fact there was a serious divide between the IPCC scientists and the UN on the science of human caused climate change. ...This 97% meme gets far too much attention when the real issue is why have leaders like Al Gore lied about the support of the 2000 scientists employed in the IPCC Working Group failure to ‘detect’ evidence of human caused warming."


In an op-ed in the New Zealand Herald, Leighton Smith writes about the death of Freeman Dyson, the brilliant physicist who was acclaimed as the successor to Albert Einstein, and then introduces us to expatriate New Zealand scientist Professor Byron Sharp with a hint that Sharp might become known as the successor to Dyson.


In the annual Global Warming Policy Foundation lecture in London, expatriate New Zealander, Professor Michael J Kelly, of Cambridge University said, inter alia: "The global climate models seem to show heating at least twice as fast as the observed data over the last three decades. I am unconvinced that climate change represents a proximate catastrophe, and I suggest that a mega-volcano in Iceland that takes out European airspace for six months would eclipse the climate concerns in short order....Much of what is proposed by way of climate change mitigation is simply pie-in-the-sky.... The main message is that our present energy infrastructure is vast and has evolved over 200 years. So the chances of revolutionising it in short order on the scale envisaged by the net-zero target of Parliament is pretty close to zero; zero being exactly the chance of the meeting Extinction Rebellion’s demands."

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WATCH & HEAR Prof Kelly's address live

Retired nuclear engineer, Regis Nicoll, explains in Crisis Magazine why science is never settled. "Red flags should go up every time we hear, 'There is no longer any debate, the science is settled.' History is full of 'widows' who were wedded to the science of the age. Adherents to Ptolemaic geocentrism, Newtonian determinism, and spacetime absolutism come to mind.


A group of 500 prominent scientists and professionals, led by the CLINTEL co-founder Guus Berkhout, has sent a registered letter to the Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres. They warn the Secretary-General that “current climate policies pointlessly and grievously undermine the economic system, putting lives at risk in countries denied access to affordable, reliable electrical energy.” They add: “We urge you to follow a climate policy based on sound science, realistic economics and genuine concern for those harmed by costly but unnecessary attempts at mitigation.”

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Tony Thomas reminds us: "It’s the tenth anniversary next week of the 2009 Climategate email dump that exposed top climate scientists’ chicanery and subversion of science – and did so in their own words and out of their own mouths, or keyboards. I’ll list a few emails-of-infamy shortly, but first some background."

(The comments that follow Tony's article are equally enlightening).


This post is a video of Zoom presentation by Emeritus Professor Geoff Duffy, of University of Auckland, New Zealand, to a men's group, The Shed, in which he explains the difference between weather and climate and the Sun-driven factors that drive the temperatures of Planet Earth. (To start the video, click on the small triangle in the lower lefthand corner, so that word "Play" comes up).



Dr John McLean, prominent Australian climate analyst, and former expert reviewer of early IPCC reports, writes: “Climate activists would have us believe that man-made warming is a fact and it’s serious. After reading the various documentation of meetings leading up to the creation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and then from the IPCC itself, I conclude that it’s all been vastly exaggerated. There is no certainty that there’s any man-made warming (or man-made climate change) worth worrying about".

Short summary (2 pages): Summary_FINAL3.pdf

Full essay (40 pages): Download Full_document_FINAL.pdf

H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D., a senior fellow on environmental policy at The Heartland Institute, posts at Epoch Times:. "In short, the oft-repeated assertions that weather is getting more extreme, is patently false. Drought, flooding, hurricane, and tornado numbers are well within their normal historic range of severity and frequency. Looking at the data, there is absolutely no basis for alarm."

Note: You may need to enter your email address for free entry to Epoch Tines website to read full article - it's simple.


Apologies to readers for not picking this up the time (2015), but this address to the Institute of Mechnical Engineers in London by the co-founder and former president of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore is even more applicable today than it was at the time of its delivery.


The Honorary Chair and CEO of Environomics Trust N.Z. Peter J Morgan, has responded to a columnist in the New Zealand Herald, David Cormack, asking for proof of his (Cormack's) claims that carbon dioxide causes abnormal global warming.



David Shelley, now retired, who was a long-serving member of staff of Geological Sciences at the University of Canterbury, and latterly Dean of Postgraduate Studies, writes in 'The Australian' newspaper: "Climate change is a defining issue of our time, especially for young people who are persuaded that we are doomed unless urgent action is taken on carbon emissions. Activists, with some success, are demanding climate emergencies be declared around the world, making those demands on the basis that temperatures are at record highs, glaciers and sea ice are melting at unprecedented rates, and sea levels rising dangerously. A cursory examination of the geological literature shows that the first two assertions are simply not true, and that rising sea levels are par for the course."


Professor Ross McKitrick, of the University of Guelph, Canada, writes at WattsUpWithThat: "Climate and energy policy has fallen into the hands of a worldwide movement that openly declares its extremism. The would-be moderates on this issue have pretended for 20 years they could keep the status quo without having to fight for it. Those days are over."


Gregory Wrightstone posts at Cornwall Alliance: "History tells us that warming is very, very good, while cold is very, very bad. Perhaps both Ocasio-Cortez and Mann should be labeled as 'history deniers' for ignoring the true relationship between temperature and the human condition".


Roger Andrews posts an excellent paper at the blog "Energy Matters": "Before 2011 global investment in clean energy (wind, solar, biomass, biofuels etc.) grew rapidly. Then in and around 2011 many governments abandoned renewables subsidies in favor of capacity auctions, and growth in global clean en...

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In a long, detailed and convincing letter to Professor Juliet Gerrard, Cnief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Honorary CEO of the Environomics Trust (NZ) Inc, Peter J. Morgan B.E. (Mech.), Dip. Teaching, has strongly rebutted claims that carbon dioxide (CO2) can or does cause unnatural or significant increases in Earth's mean temperature. Mr Morgan also reminds Professor Gerrard that correlation is not evidence of causation.